Southern Cove Labradoodles are a labor of love

Southern Cove Labradoodles Australian Labradoodle puppy

We are blessed to be able to have a family business that marries two great loves...dogs and people.  We absolutely love being dog breeders because of the opportunity to love on these sweet puppies.  We also love the opportunities we are given to know and become friends with so many wonderful people.   

We do a great deal of tests and genetic screenings to ensure that our breeding dogs are healthy and have no undesirable traits.  We use a highly regarded reproductive vet for the examinations and do our genetic testing through PawPrint Genetics.  

We feed our mothers and their puppies the best food possible for their health.  We use Life's Abundance.

We have invested in having a dedicated "birthing/puppy room" so that the puppies have a comfortable, nurturing environment as they grow and develop.  This includes neurological stimulation exercises in the first few weeks of life and also training them following the Puppy Culture approach.  Because we have a large family, our puppies are highly socialized and used to being held and doted on from birth.  This makes for excellent temperaments.  

We have your puppy microchipped for your peace of mind, dewormed and given their first round of shots before coming home to you.

Finally, we are committed to creating a breeding business that our owners are proud to recommend.  We manage this through frequent communication during the puppy matching process and then as often as you have questions.  We are diligent in the social media space through frequent posts to Instagram and Facebook (and we host a SCL family group as a space for our owners to interact with other SCL puppy owners).

Our SCL puppies are offered for sale for $2750.  Costs for travel and/or transport will be assessed based on cost.  Extended stays beyond the pick up date will be reviewed and additional costs determined on a case-by-case basis.

Matching Form & Application

Once you have returned the application and $500 deposit/consultation fee, your puppy is reserved!  

This deposit/fee will be applied to the cost of your puppy.

Our apologies, but at this time please either print the form and scan in or mail, or save to Word to update and send via email.  We are in the process of updating our site to allow online form completion.

SCL Matching Form Application (docx)


Adoption Contract

SCL Adoption Contract (docx)


SCL Guardian Contract (docx)